June’s Testimonial: Going to Dr. Long was the Best Decision I Ever Made

Over the years, I consistently gained weight. I’d gain about 5 to 10 pounds every couple of months, and literally before I knew it, I was pushing 300 pounds. It just kind of happens before you know it. When I got to the point where I knew I had to do something, I literally Googled […]

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Jessica’s Testimonial: Dr. Long Won Me Over and Now My Life Is Totally Different

I first started considering weight loss surgery because of my knees. It had actually gotten to the point where I could barely walk anymore. My knee surgeon told me the only other thing that could be done was a knee replacement, but, unfortunately, insurance wouldn’t cover it because I was only 40-years-old at the time. […]

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Top 3 Resources for Weight Loss Surgery Support and Advice

By: Caitlin Hastings, Physician Assistant Whether they’re post-op or just starting to consider weight loss surgery, everybody has so many questions when they come into our office. There are all kinds of stuff out there on the internet that can be misleading, or worse, flat-out untrue. While every surgeon does things differently, from the kind […]

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Pre-Op, Post-Op and Everything in Between: What You Can Expect When You Decide to Have Weight Loss Surgery

By Caitlin Hastings, Physician Assistant If you’re considering weight loss surgery, chances are, you have many questions. From how to prep for surgery to what recovery is like, you probably want to get an idea of what to expect. While the payoff can be huge, the process of preparing for weight loss surgery can be […]

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Scott’s Testimonial: How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Gave Me My Life Back

By Scott Goss, BMI patient For years, I was active, doing a job I loved that helped keep me at a healthy weight of about 180-185 pounds. That is, until I decided to open up a video store where I went from being very physically active at work to sitting on my rear-end all day […]

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