How Bariatric Surgery Patients Can Use These Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions To Stay Healthy in the New Year

During the holidays, sometimes even despite our best efforts, many of us find ourselves getting off track with our healthy habits. While this can be discouraging, we like to see the quickly-approaching New Year as a prime opportunity to restore those good habits or even take them to the next level. Especially for those who […]

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How the LAP-BAND System Offers Bariatric Surgery Patients Fewer Risks and Side Effects

Choosing the right weight loss surgery isn’t always easy. You want to choose the one that’s A) Going to help you lose weight, B) Not going to restrict you to the point where you’d be unhappy, and C) Going to be worth the risks. With any surgery, even a minimally invasive one, there’s going to […]

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The Differences in the Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, and the LAP-BAND and Which One Is Right for You

By Caitlin Hastings, Physician Assistant Patients often come to Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery wanting the least invasive surgery possible, and while this is completely understandable, the fact is, all of our weight loss surgery options are, well, minimally invasive. With the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and the LAP-BAND being the most common of the weight […]

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Elizabeth’s Testimonial: How Gastric Sleeve Was Exactly What I Needed

Over the years, my weight had just kind of gone up and down. I’d tried Weight Watchers, Medifast, and nothing seemed to work. When I changed jobs a while back, I even looked into weight loss surgery and went to a seminar held by Dr. Long at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery. I was seriously considering […]

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Eating After Weight Loss Surgery: 3 Simple Rules to Help You Avoid Dumping Syndrome and Overeating

By Caitlin Hastings, Physician Assistant After being on a liquid diet two weeks prior to weight loss surgery, and then again, depending on the procedure you had, for a week or two after, it can be a challenge learning how to eat. When you’re re-introducing solid foods into your diet after about four weeks, there’s […]

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