Lap Band Surgery – Cash Pricing

Lap Band Surgery Cash Pricing

LAP-BAND® Surgery Cost: $7,999.

Why choose cash payment for LAP-BAND®?

  • Many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for weight loss surgery, despite many years of experience showing that weight loss surgery is an important tool in curing problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and reflux disease. By paying out of pocket for this procedure, you can start the journey towards a better life and a new healthy you TODAY!
  • By paying for this procedure out of pocket, you avoid the lengthy physician-supervised diet required by most insurance companies, which is usually 7 months.
  • The LAP-BAND® is indicated for patients that have a lower BMI (i.e. 30-35). Unfortunately, the insurance companies will not pay for patients that have a lower weight to have this surgery. By paying out of pocket, patients that have a lower BMI can have LAP-BAND® placement and start losing weight today.

LAP-BAND® Cash pricing includes…

  • Pre-operative testing, including blood work and EKG if necessary
  • Pre-operative nutrition evaluation
  • Surgeon Fee for the procedure
  • Anesthesiologist Fee
  • Surgery Center Fee. LAP- BAND® is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Post-operative visit with the nutritionist within 4 weeks of surgery.
  • Monthly support group meetings.

Disclaimer: If paying for the procedure with CareCredit or by Credit Card, there will be an administrative fee added to the total price of the procedure.

*Based on a patient with a good credit score and a 5-year loan