Are you suffering from type 2 diabetes? New research says that weight loss surgeries might just be the solution.

One study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that slightly obese people had a better chance of reversing diabetes if they underwent weight loss surgery. And, it was even shown that the life quality of those patients had improved significantly.

Bariatric Surgery

In the study mentioned above, patients underwent bariatric surgery. Five years later, one-third of those patients experienced a complete remission of their illness. Those who only sought help through counseling, therapy and other forms of medication did not fare so well in comparison.

The weight loss surgery enabled patients to have healthier levels of blood sugar, and they also needed less insulin on a day to day basis. Their BMI was lowered, due to the weight loss, resulting in lower cholesterol and improved quality of life. Type 2 diabetes causes extremely high blood sugar levels, so this was one of the most noticeable changes after surgery.

European Findings

Another Swedish study showed similar results in patients who had weight loss surgery. In the research, 72 percent of patients achieved remission in just two years following the surgery.

Another study followed the history of 2,010 obese patients, 343 of whom suffered from type 2 diabetes. From 1987-2001, many of these patients underwent a number of weight loss surgeries. Besides the impressive weight loss and lower cholesterol levels reported, they experienced a significant deterioration of beta cells (which often cause spikes in blood sugar).

Surgery as Preventative Measures

Although researchers still need to further investigate how weight loss surgery can lead to remission, it is reassuring to see that surgery can be one solution for type 2 diabetes patients. A diabetes epidemic is currently plaguing the country, which means actively seeking help for weight control, even before diabetes is diagnosed, is essential.

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