Gastric bypass, a sought-after bariatric procedure, combines restriction (reducing stomach size) and malabsorption (limiting nutrient absorption) to aid weight loss in obese individuals.


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Gastric Bypass Surgery: The Procedure Near You!

Gastric bypass surgery involves two essential steps. Firstly, your surgeon will create a smaller stomach pouch by cutting and stapling the stomach, limiting food intake in one sitting. Secondly, the small intestine’s lower section will be attached to the new stomach pouch, allowing food to bypass the upper portion of the intestine and reduce calorie absorption.

At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, we perform laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. After administering a general anesthetic, our medical assistant will assist Dr. Long in making 4 to 6 abdominal incisions. The procedure will be conducted through these incisions using a laparoscope, equipped with a camera and specialized tools. Dr. Long will also ensure a secure stomach/intestine connection to prevent leaks.

The entire gastric bypass procedure, performed by Dr. Long, typically takes an hour and a half. Following the surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for one or two days before returning to your DeFuniak Springs, FL, home. Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery will provide medication to manage pain and offer a specialized diet plan to support your recovery.


  • Gastric bypass surgery offers numerous advantages:
    1. It is the most effective bariatric surgery for treating diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.
    2. Patients typically experience rapid weight loss within the first six months.
    3. Gastric bypass has an outstanding track record in the United States.
    4. Compared to gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass patients generally achieve greater weight loss.

    However, like all surgeries, gastric bypass has certain drawbacks and risks:

    1. Longer post-surgery recovery time for patients.
    2. The procedure is not easily reversible, but it can be done if medically necessary.
    3. There is a possibility of a staple line leak where the stomach pouch connects to the small intestine.
    4. Patients will need to take mineral and nutritional supplements for life.
    5. Some patients may experience a 10-20% weight regain 2 to 5 years after the surgery.

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