BMI Surgery appointment
Making an
appointment at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is often the first and biggest step in a wonderful weight loss journey. However, we know it can be scary, and you may have many thoughts and questions running through your head about what that first appointment will be like. 

To help ease your nerves, we want to share some information about what these first appointments are actually like. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it is! It’s important that you feel seen and heard, and we want you to know that you have the whole team at BMI Surgery on your side.

What to Expect At An Appointment at BMI Surgery

First, you should know a little bit about our surgeon, Dr. Jay Long. You can see the impressive list of certifications, memberships, awards, and more on our website and feel confident about his experience and expertise. He truly knows what he’s doing, and he really is the best! 

Equally important, our patients love him. Many comment on his ability to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable. When you’re talking about such huge decisions, that’s really crucial. Despite his ability to make people feel comfortable, he also maintains a knowledgeable and professional demeanor as he talks with you.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

We will need to see your insurance information, along with the following:

  • All pertinent x-ray reports and test results from your primary care or referring physician
  • Any required co-pays and payment for any outstanding balances with our practice
  • A list of all medications that you are currently taking
  • A list of any known drug allergies and the symptoms you may have from taking these medicines
  • A copy of your operation report if you’ve previously had surgery elsewhere

What Your First Appointment Will Look Like

During your initial visit, Dr. Long will take your history and perform a physical examination. He will also review your previous medical records. He will most likely order tests to help him properly determine your diagnosis and find the appropriate treatment.

Depending on which treatment Dr. Long recommends, he will talk to you about any possible risks of the surgery. Although complications are rare, all surgeries, especially those that involve anesthesia, carry some risks, and he always outlines these for you. 

You may be ready to book your surgery at this point, you may need some time to think it over, or if you’ll be paying with insurance, you may start that process at this time. 

Dr. Long is always happy to answer questions, and our staff is also able to answer questions for you. There will be additional time for questions and further education later as well since every patient, private pay or insurance pay, is required to attend an online nutrition/prep class that is led by our bariatric coordinator and bariatric nutritionist. 

She had gastric bypass surgery herself, so she’s very familiar with the process, along with the emotions that go along with it. In this class, we’ll address all your questions and concerns while giving you information on pre-op nutrition, post-op nutrition, and everything else you’ll need to know about the surgery, including mental preparations. 

Contact Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery to Schedule Your First Appointment

The caring group of professionals at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery will help you get started on your weight loss journey and stay with you every step along the way. Dr. Long and his team specialize in all types of bariatric surgery, including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, and the LAP-BAND. Visit us today at or give us a call to set up a consultation at 205-833-6907.