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For many people, the focus of any vacation is food. They look forward to eating out at restaurants, sipping on fruity drinks, and snacking all day. Food becomes the activity instead of healthy fuel for active experiences and fun.

While we do think that food should be fun on vacation, it shouldn’t be the main focus, especially if you are trying to lose weight, preparing to have weight loss surgery, or if you’ve already had weight loss surgery. This change in mindset might mean planning a slightly different vacation than what you’re used to, but it’s possible to plan activities and experiences that will be enjoyable for everyone in your family, including you.

Tips for Having a Healthy Vacation This Summer

First, let’s talk about making sure your active vacation is appropriate for where you are in your weight loss journey. A more restful trip will be better if you’ve had weight loss surgery recently and are still recovering. Your body needs plenty of time to heal and adjust before you start making huge changes. 

But for those who are several months or years out from surgery, you may be ready for a much more active option. If you aren’t sure what you’re ready to handle yet, please let us know, and our surgeon Dr. Long will be happy to offer advice.

Here are a few questions to think about to help you focus on more than food so that you can enjoy your time away while also sticking to your healthy lifestyle. 

Where will you vacation? 

Before booking, consider where you will go carefully. A cruise might be restful, but the never-ending buffets are probably not the best dining option. There are plenty of other vacations that can offer peace and quiet, in addition to opportunities for exploring and trying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Have you done your research? 

Preparing for your trip is key, especially when it comes to planning fun activities. When it comes to food, you will need to give it some thought, but doing this ahead of time will mean that you can focus on it less later.

Here are some things you may want to research:

  • Healthy dining options at your hotel or condo and in the area
  • Activities at your resort or hotel and in the area
  • Activities that may require reservations
  • Age restrictions on any activities you are considering
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables you may find locally
  • Easy meals and snacks you may be able to take with you when out exploring or participating in activities
  • Grocery stores or markets that are close by

What’s your plan?

While some people are very opposed to planning out a vacation, for those who are committed to their diet and exercise routine, a plan will be essential. Take all of your research and think about what you want out of your days. If you plan to be out and about, know ahead of time if you will take a picnic or stop by a restaurant. If you have a particularly active day, you may want to focus more on breakfast so that everyone has plenty of energy.

Also, plan ahead to make sure you have plenty of water and healthy snacks for spending time at the beach or pool and while doing other activities, such as hiking. Do you have a reusable water bottle, and do you have a backpack or bag where you can keep everything? These are the details to think about. 

Can you take healthy staples with you?

This will depend on your exact travel details, but in many cases, you can take non-perishable items with you. Staples like raw nuts or tuna packets will probably work for any trip, and if you can take a cooler along, fresh fruits, vegetables, and other options may work as well. 

How can you make sure you drink enough water?

Drinking enough water every day is always very important, but it becomes even more crucial after weight loss surgery. You will feel better and find it easier to stick to your healthy habits if you drink enough water each day on vacation and while traveling. Remember that we often recommend that our patients do not drink while eating meals, so factor that into your plan.

What level of activity do you want on your trip?

If you are far enough along in your recovery, you can focus your trip on all kinds of activities. This might simply mean exploring your vacation destination on foot as much as possible and swimming at the resort’s pool. It might also mean hiking, zip-lining, biking, snorkeling, and much more. Take advantage of the fact that you can do all of these things now!

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Remember that being able to go on vacation is part of what weight loss surgery is all about! At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, we want to help you get to a place where you can be more active and enjoy life to the fullest. This is our hope for all of our patients, and we want you to enjoy your trip without stress or anxiety, especially when it comes to food.

Planning and research will go a long way, and you’ll be thankful you took that time beforehand when you’re faced with decisions on your trip. If you need any help in your preparations or have any questions about what will be appropriate for you, please let us know!

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