Sleeve gastrectomy, also known as gastric sleeve, is a weight loss surgery that removes a significant portion of the stomach, resulting in a new shape resembling a narrow tube or sleeve. This surgical procedure is irreversible and is typically recommended for patients who are obese or morbidly obese and have not achieved adequate weight loss through traditional methods such as diet and exercise.

The experienced team at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery specializes in conducting gastric sleeve surgery with utmost precision and care to promote successful and safe outcomes for our patients. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, enabling our skilled surgeons to perform this minimally invasive procedure with exceptional skill and efficiency.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Near You!

At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, we utilize a laparoscopic approach to conduct gastric sleeve surgery, during which Dr. Jay C. Long, our skilled surgeon, will make five small incisions in the abdomen and use a laparoscope, an instrument equipped with a camera, to perform the sleeve gastrectomy. This minimally invasive technique offers several benefits, including reduced discomfort and shorter patient recovery.

The primary goal of gastric sleeve surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach by approximately two-thirds, resulting in a new shape resembling a long, narrow banana. This modification limits the amount of food the patient can consume, leading to fewer calorie intakes and eventual weight loss. Unlike other weight loss surgeries, gastric sleeve surgery does not affect nutrient absorption, although it may impact the hormone that regulates hunger and appetite. The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before considering bariatric surgery, we strongly advise patients to conduct extensive research and explore all their weight loss options while consulting with medical professionals to determine the most suitable procedure. Sleeve Gastrectomy is currently the most commonly performed weight loss surgery in the United States, and its many benefits and disadvantages:


  • Laparoscopic procedures with smaller incisions, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times
  • A functioning stomach that allows patients to consume most foods in smaller portions without altering the sphincter muscles or the pyloric region of the stomach
  • Less complicated and risky compared to other bariatric surgery options, without the need for foreign materials such as gastric bands or balloons
  • This can lead to an average of 50-70% reduction in excess weight over the first one to two years.
  • Does not cause nutrient malabsorption


  • Possibility of late weight regain due to stomach stretching over time
  • Irreversibility of the procedure
  • Unsuitability for patients with severe reflux disease

Can I Determine if I’m Eligible for a Gastric Sleeve?

To determine if gastric sleeve surgery is suitable for you, it’s recommended to consult with a certified bariatric surgeon. At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dr. Jay C. Long, a board-certified general surgeon with extensive experience in weight loss surgery, is available for a personalized consultation to discuss your options. You can contact BMI at 205-833-6907 or through our online form to schedule a consultation at our Birmingham, Alabama, facility.