Person completing a form for Gastric Bypass SurgeryIn this post about the gastric bypass diet, we cover all the questions people often want to know about what they will and will not be able to eat before and after surgery. This is a topic people are often very curious about. Another question that comes up quickly with many patients is, “How much does it cost to have gastric bypass surgery?” 

The cost of gastric bypass surgery

The short answer is that gastric bypass surgery starts at $15,999 cash pricing. The cost can go up to $18,500 cash pricing for laparoscopic gastric bypass. 

Here are some of the things these prices include:

  • Pre-operative testing, blood work, and EKG, if necessary
  • Pre-operative nutrition evaluation
  • Surgeon fee for the procedure
  • Anesthesiologist fee
  • Hospital fee with one night in the hospital after surgery
  • Post-operative visit with the nutritionist within 4 weeks of surgery
  • Monthly support group meetings

Gastric bypass cost with & without insurance

Unfortunately, despite many years of experience proving that weight loss surgery can play an important part in curing health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux disease, and sleep apnea, many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for gastric bypass surgery or other types of weight loss surgery. 

For those patients who do have insurance coverage, the cost may be somewhat less than the numbers mentioned above. However, insurance companies that do provide coverage of some sort typically have many requirements that the patient must meet, such as a lengthy physician-supervised diet that often takes up to seven month. By paying out of pocket for the procedure, you can start the journey towards a better, healthier life today.

What you pay for at Birmingham Minimally Invasive

Not all weight loss surgery centers are created equal. And not all weight loss surgeons are the same. Unlike many weight loss surgery practices, our physician, Dr. Jay Long, has specialized training in bariatric surgery. He completed a fellowship in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he focused on taking care of patients that are morbidly obese. 

Dr. Long brings this extensive expereince to BMI Surgery, and taking care of morbidly obese patients is what we do best. We have developed great skill in successfully achieving permanent weight loss for our patients. Our facilities are purpose-built for procedures like gastric bypass surgery and other weight loss surgery options, and we specialize in making weight loss surgery as painless as possible.

When you come in to talk to us about the possibility of having weight loss surgery, Dr. Long provides a one-on-one consultation with all patients. This helps each individual decide which weight reduction option is best. A multi-disciplinary team also provides further advice and reinforcement before and after surgery through monthly support meetings, a nutrition/prep class, and customized high protein diets. 

This individualized, multi-disciplinary approach ensures adherence to each patient’s weight loss goals for an improved, healthier life that will be more emotionally fulfilling. To get started on your weight loss journey, contact us today.

Contact Us to Learn More About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is a caring group of professionals who specialize in all types of bariatric surgery.  Our surgeon Dr. Jay Long has highly specialized training in bariatric surgery, having completed a fellowship in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he focused on taking care of patients that are morbidly obese.  And we are so proud of our pricing that we publish the costs right on the front page of our website!  Insurance won’t pay?  We have a variety of financing options we can offer you so that you are able to get the healthy body you’ve wanted for years.  Visit us today at or give us a call to set up a consultation at 205-833-6907.