Gastric band flat icons concept. Vector illustration. Element template for design.

Gastric band flat icons concept. Vector illustration. Element template for design.

Choosing the right weight loss surgery isn’t always easy. You want to choose the one that’s A) Going to help you lose weight, B) Not going to restrict you to the point where you’d be unhappy, and C) Going to be worth the risks.

With any surgery, even a minimally invasive one, there’s going to be some degree of risks involved, but it’s important to have a thorough understanding of these risks before making any decisions.

While the most common bariatric surgeries include the LAP-BAND, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, they each have their own unique advantages, but for many, the LAP-BAND is the perfect surgical weight loss solution.

The LAP-BAND System: Fewer Risks and Side Effects

If fewer risks and side effects are at the top of your list when choosing a weight loss surgery, you should know the LAP-BAND offers a variety of benefits when compared to other procedures, and we’ve listed out some of the major advantages below.

  • Lower mortality risk than other weight loss surgery procedures. Both total complications and mortality rate are extremely low for the LAP-BAND with a mortality rate of only 0.1%, according to Obesity News Today.
  • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies like those associated with gastric bypass. Though having its own unique benefits like the ability to cure diabetes, patients that have the gastric bypass procedure are required to be on nutritional supplements for life due to the malabsorption of food. With the LAP-BAND, you’re not changing the anatomy of the stomach, therefore, food and nutrients will continue to be properly absorbed into the body.
  • Reduced risk of hair loss. Since this typically occurs as a result of a nutritional deficiency, hair loss is much more common with other weight loss procedures. Of course, there can be other factors that may increase these chances, such as psychological stress or hormone disruption.
  • No “dumping syndrome” related to dietary intake restrictions. Dumping syndrome occurs when the food passes too quickly to the lower intestine, but because the anatomy isn’t changed during the procedure, this is unlikely to occur in LAP-BAND patients.

Other Advantages of the LAP-BAND

Along with fewer risks and side effects, there are also some other major advantages of going with the LAP-BAND with the main one being the fact that it’s adjustable. Without the need for additional surgery, you can have the band adjusted to better meet your needs and weight loss goals. At the same time, patients also take comfort in the fact that it’s reversible, and if the patient wishes, the stomach can be restored to its original form and function.

It’s also one of the more cost-effective procedures, being about $2,000 less than the gastric sleeve.

With the average patient losing 30-40% of their excess body weight within two years, there’s no doubt this procedure is effective and can help you restore and maintain your health for years to come.

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