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Gastric bypass, a bariatric procedure, induces significant, excess weight loss in obese and morbidly obese patients. Gastric bypass surgery works by decreasing the size of the patient’s stomach and limiting the body’s nutrient absorption.

Dr. Jay C. Long, a board-certified bariatric surgeon, performs gastric bypass surgery at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery. Our purpose-built facility is just over three hours from Jackson, Mississippi.

If you would like to learn more about gastric bypass surgery, call Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery at (205) 833-6907.

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) Surgery

Gastric bypass, also called Roux-en-Y, is a minimally invasive procedure that surgeons can perform laparoscopically. When you undergo gastric bypass surgery at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, you can be sure you are in the best of hands with Dr. Long, as he is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery.

Gastric bypass has two main procedural steps:

  1. The stomach is cut and stapled to create a smaller pouch.
  2. The lower intestine is separated from the duodenum (the first segment of the small intestine) and the jejunum (the first portion of the second segment of the small intestine). The lower intestine is instead connected to the new stomach pouch.

A smaller stomach limits the amount of food a patient can consume in one sitting. Less food equals fewer calories. Additionally, as the food bypasses the upper small intestine, the body absorbs fewer calories and nutrients. As a result, patients will lose excess weight.

At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dr. Long can complete the gastric bypass procedure in under two hours. Upon completion, we require patients to recover in a nearby hospital for up to two days. Our team will provide you with pain medication and a specialized diet plan.

Advantages of Gastric Bypass

  • Longest Track Record – Gastric bypass has the longest track record of any bariatric surgery in the United States, the first procedure dating back to 1967.
  • Fast Results – On average, gastric bypass patients lose 66% of their weight within eight months.
  • Better Results – Compared to patients who opted for a gastric sleeve or LAP-BAND surgery, gastric bypass patients tend to lose more weight.
  • Long-Term Results – Ten years post-operation, patients are reported to have lost and kept off 70% of their weight.
  • Medical Advantages – Gastric bypass surgery can improve diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

Disadvantages of Gastric Bypass

  • Slower Recovery
  • Required Supplements – Gastric bypass patients are required to take life-long nutritional supplements.
  • Not Easily Reversible – Unlike other bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass is not technically considered reversible. However, if necessary, surgeons can reverse the procedure.
  • Possible Weight Regain
  • Stomach/Intestinal Leaks – The connection between the stomach and lower small intestine may begin to leak

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If you live in Jackson, Mississippi, and think you would be a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery, consider Dr. Long as your bariatric surgeon. Dr. Long has been performing gastric bypass surgery for 19 years and has helped thousands of patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Dr. Long is certified by the American Board of Surgery, is a member of a dozen medical associations, and has received countless awards and honors for his work. With this knowledge and experience, he can help determine if gastric bypass surgery is right for you!

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