Sleeve gastrectomy, better known as gastric sleeve, is a form of bariatric surgery. This restrictive procedure may be an option for you if you are obese and cannot lose weight by diet and exercise.

At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, our bariatric surgeon has performed hundreds of gastric sleeve surgeries. Our specialized bariatric facility is located across the Mississippi border in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve, when performed laparoscopically, is a minimally invasive procedure. At Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, our surgeon, Dr. Long, does just that!

During the procedure, Dr. Long will make small incisions to the patient’s abdomen through which he will fit a laparoscope– a thin surgical instrument equipped with a camera– and other specialty tools. He will cut and remove two-thirds of the patient’s stomach, closing off the remaining portion with surgical staples. By creating a smaller stomach pouch, Dr. Long has lowered the stomach’s capacity, thus preventing the patient from intaking an excess amount of food in one sitting.

Dr. Long can complete the gastric sleeve procedure in an hour. Upon completion, our team will provide you with pain medication. However, patients can expect less pain because of the minimally invasive techniques used by Dr. Long.

Gastric Sleeve Advantages & Disadvantages

In the United States, gastric sleeve is the most commonly performed bariatric surgery. That is because there are many advantages:

  • Gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive procedure. Patients will experience less pain and faster recovery.
  • Gastric sleeve is a restrictive surgery, meaning it limits the amount of food a patient can consume due to a lower stomach capacity.
  • The surgery can also limit your stomach’s production of the hunger-stimulating hormone.
  • Compared to other bariatric surgeries like LAP-BAND and gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery is less risky.
  • Surgeons do not need to alter the stomach’s pyloric portion or sphincter muscles. This reduces/eliminates the chances of a patient experiencing regurgitation, heartburn, and dumping syndrome post-surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery isn’t right for everyone. You should carefully review not only the advantages but also the disadvantages:

  • Bariatric surgeons cannot reverse the procedure.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery is only restrictive, not malabsorptive.
  • People with severe reflux disease are not eligible for gastric sleeve surgery.
  • A patient’s stomach can stretch over time, leading to weight regain.

Contact a Top Gastric Sleeve Surgeon Near Mississippi

If you are considering bariatric surgery, specifically gastric sleeve, you should speak to a licensed bariatric surgeon. Fortunately, Dr. Long is available for one-on-one consultations at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Dr. Long is a board-certified general surgeon with a specialization in bariatrics. He has helped hundreds of patients to achieve weight loss results with gastric sleeve, a surgery he has been performing since 2002.

To schedule a consultation, contact Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery by calling (205) 833-6907 or sending us a message on our online form. We offer virtual and in-person consultations at our center that is a short drive from Mississippi.