Bariatric surgery is an efficient and effective solution for significant weight loss. While bariatric surgery patients typically see long-term results, they may begin to regain weight after several years.

If you are in this position and are feeling defeated by the weight regain – don’t! Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery has solutions that can help you get back on track, including bariatric revision.

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery Qualifications

Bariatric revision is a viable option for some. However, it might not be right for you. How do you know? First, you must speak with a qualified professional like the team at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery. We will explore all the potential causes of your weight gain and determine if revisional weight loss surgery is the logical next step.

To begin, we will ask you to prepare a food journal that details a week of your food and exercise habits. We will use this information to decide if overeating or underexercising is the root of the problem. Often, it is. Patients tend to consume higher volumes of food over time, which causes their gastric pouch to stretch and allows for weight gain. Fortunately, this can be an easy fix. Our team can get you set up with a diet and exercise regimen we call the “back-on-track” program.

If food and exercise do not appear to be the cause, we will discuss the option of bariatric revision.

Bariatric Surgeon in Mobile, AL

Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is over three hours from Mobile, Alabama. Here, our bariatric surgeon Dr. Long performs revisional weight-loss surgery. Dr. Long is a board-certified, award-winning surgeon who has been performing bariatric procedures for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Long has the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to determine if you are eligible for bariatric revision surgery. To get the process started, you can contact us via phone, (205) 833-6907, or our online form.