Gastric bypass is a form of bariatric surgery that causes mass weight loss in obese and morbidly obese patients. A patient’s weight loss is due to surgeons combining malabsorptive and restrictive procedural techniques, which work to decrease nutrient absorption and lessen the stomach’s capacity.

If gastric bypass sounds like the right surgery for you, Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery may be the right place! Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is a specialized facility whose skilled bariatric surgeon performs various weight-loss surgeries. Our facility is under a three-hour drive from Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Gastric Bypass Procedure

There are two steps to gastric bypass surgery. First, your bariatric surgeon will create a smaller stomach pouch, which will help reduce calorie intake. Second, your surgeon will attach the stomach pouch to the lower intestine, which they’ve cut away from the upper section of the small intestine. When food bypasses the upper intestine, the patient’s body absorbs fewer calories.

As our name suggests, Birmingham Minimally Invasive is renowned for our minimally invasive bariatric surgeries–and gastric bypass is no different. Our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Jay C. Long, performs gastric bypass surgery laparoscopically.

At the start of the procedure, we will administer a general anesthetic to the patient. Then, Dr. Long will make 4 to 6 small incisions to the patient’s abdomen. Next, he will make the necessary stomach and intestine cuts and connections. Last, Dr. Long will test these connections, ensuring there are no leaks.

Gastric bypass is about an hour and a half long procedure. Upon completion, patients are required to stay at the hospital for up to two days to recover. One benefit of minimally invasive surgery is patients experience a shorter, less painful recovery. However, our team will provide you with medication to manage more intense pain. We will also provide you with a post-op gastric bypass diet plan.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gastric bypass surgery?

There are several types of bariatric surgery, with advantages and disadvantages of each. To fully understand if gastric bypass surgery is right for you, you should carefully examine these factors. Gastric bypass advantages include:

  • Rapid Weight Loss – Patients experience an average loss of 66% of excess weight in the first 6 to 8 months.
  • Greater Weight Loss – Gastric bypass patients tend to lose more weight than gastric band and gastric sleeve patients.
  • Longest Track Record in the United States – Bariatric surgeons have been performing bariatric surgery since 1967.
  • Cures Additional Medical Conditions – Gastric bypass surgery is the preferred choice of bariatric surgeons for curing or lessening the severity of high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea in patients.

Gastric bypass disadvantages include:

  • Longer Recovery Times
  • Not Easily Reversible – Surgeons can reverse a gastric bypass if medically necessary.
  • Nutritional & Mineral Supplements – To account for the malabsorption, patients must take nutritional and mineral supplements for life.
  • Possible Leaks – While your surgeon will check the connection between the stomach and the lower intestine during the procedure, this connection may begin to leak over time.

Contact a Bariatric Surgeon Near Nashville, TN

Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is proud to have Dr. Long onboard our team. Dr. Long is a board-certified general surgeon, an American Board of Surgery certified bariatric surgeon, and a fellowship-trained minimally invasive surgeon. He has helped thousands of patients lose excess weight, and our patient reviews speak to his intelligent, approachable, helpful demeanor.

If you have questions about gastric bypass surgery and want to talk to a qualified bariatric surgeon, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Long by calling (205) 833-6907 or submitting a message on our contact form. Dr. Long offers in-person and online consultations for our Nashville, Tennessee patients.