LAP-BAND is usually performed in the Outpatient Surgery Center.  The patient starts a high-protein low carb liquid diet for 1-2 weeks prior to surgery.  The patient is discharged the same day of the procedure and can usually return to work in 3-5 days.

Since there is no cutting, stapling, or stomach re-routing involved in the LAP-BAND System procedure, it is considered the least traumatic of all weight loss surgeries. The laparoscopic approach to the surgery also offers the advantages of reduced post-operative pain, shortened hospital stay and quicker recovery. If for any reason the LAP-BAND System needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form.

Lap Band Procedure Advantages

Minimal Trauma

  • Least invasive surgical option
  • No intestinal re-routing
  • No cutting or stapling of the stomach wall or bowel
  • Reduced pain, hospital length-of-stay, and recovery period

Fewer Risks and Side Effects

  • Lower mortality risk than other obesity surgery procedures
  • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies associated with gastric bypass
  • Reduced risk of hair loss
  • No “dumping syndrome” related to dietary intake restrictions


  • Allows individualized degree of restriction for ideal, long-term weight loss
  • Adjustments performed without additional surgery
  • Supports pregnancy by allowing stomach outlet size to be opened for increased
  • nutritional needs


  • Removable
  • Stomach and other anatomy are generally restored to their original forms and functions