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All of our weight loss surgery options at
Birmingham Minimally Invasive will help you lose weight faster than you would with diet and exercise alone. This is especially true when you consider that diet and exercise alone doesn’t work for many people, especially long-term. 

The entire process you go through with weight loss surgery — from the pre-op testing and dieting, to the surgery itself, and then the changes you make after — is designed for long-term success. Even so, many people want to know which option will help them lose weight the fastest. 

Rate of Weight Loss for Surgeries at Birmingham Minimally Invasive

While we will talk about typical rates of weight loss for our most popular surgeries, the answer really varies. It depends on each individual, including how heavy you were to start with, genetics, if you smoke, and how committed you are to your plan. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that’s a great option for anyone suffering from obesity and other weight-related health conditions. In addition to weight loss, these conditions may improve, and you may see results such as improved cardiovascular functioning, remission of type 2 diabetes, and joint pain relief.

To accomplish these results, the procedure reduces the overall size of your stomach and allows you to only eat a small amount at one time. You can expect to lose weight over the course of several months. While success rates will vary, when paired with proper diet and exercise, you may reduce excess weight by approximately 50 to 70% over the first one to two years after surgery. 


With this procedure, we place the LAP-BAND near the top of the stomach where it meets the esophagus. This creates a very small pouch that empties into the larger remaining portion of the stomach. We connect the band to a port, which is located underneath the skin of the abdomen. This is how we put fluid in the band, which allows us to make the band opening larger or smaller in size, providing more or less restriction.

With the LAP-BAND, weight loss may be somewhat slower than with other options. We have to find that “happy place” where you are able to eat well but also maintain smaller portion sizes. This is where band adjustments come into play. Many patients like this feeling of control and knowing that the band can be taken out if necessary.

Gastric Bypass Surgery 

Gastric bypass patients tend to lose more weight than those who undergo LAP-BAND or gastric sleeve. It’s often a great option for heavier patients because most lose up to 80% of their excess body weight. This rapid weight loss can be very beneficial for those who have more severe health issues, such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

For most patients, 60 to 70% of weight loss occurs within the first 6 to 8 months after surgery, allowing patients to lose weight rapidly and keep it off. Because the surgery has been performed for over 50 years, we have more long-term data to support the effectiveness. 

This rapid weight loss is possible because with gastric bypass, we are restricting your stomach’s ability to hold food. This means you will naturally eat less and feel full sooner. The average patient is able to lose and maintain their weight loss long-term. 

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