weight loss surgery support groups
Everyone’s attitude toward support groups is different. Some people say, “Do I really have to go?” while others can’t wait until the next meeting. But there are many types of support groups and meetings, and chances are, there’s an option out there for you that will work. 

Even though we know some people will still be skeptical, support groups can truly be a helpful tool in helping you stay on track, find motivation, and connect with others after weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups — Reasons to Go

It’s much easier to stick with weight loss and exercise when you have support. Sometimes this support is crucial right before and right after your weight loss surgery. By joining a support group, whether in-person or online, you can share tips on diet and exercise, find an exercise buddy, discuss your struggles and successes, and much more. 

People who might attend a support group include:

  • Pre-op patients waiting for surgery
  • Early post-op patients or “newbies”
  • Long-term veteran patients checking in
  • Veterans looking to get back on track
  • Friends and family members
  • Volunteers
  • Professionals

While each person is there for different reasons, they likely hope to see benefits, such as these:


“Am I doing the right thing?” “Will I be ok?” “Will I succeed?” Prior to surgery, support groups can help you find answers to practical questions, but also validate your decision to have weight loss surgery. This is important to some people and not others. You will have to find your own answers to the questions above, but other individuals who have already gone through it can provide insight, perspective, and real-world experiences that will likely be helpful.


Support groups should provide social and emotional support, but they should also provide the opportunity to learn. Some groups include a more structured meeting, featuring scheduled topic presentations, possibly with guest speakers and health professionals. Others are more topic and discussion based. Either option should be helpful and educational to provide a well-rounded foundation of knowledge for long-term success.

Understanding & Support

While weight loss surgery is definitely not uncommon, many people don’t know anyone else who has done it. This can lead to feeling misunderstood or even lonely. Surrounding yourself with a group of people who do understand what you are going through is so important. You may experience physical, emotional, and relationship changes throughout the journey, and getting to know others who have been through it or who are on that journey will be extremely helpful.


Again, the people in a weight loss surgery support group know just what is involved in this journey in a way that others can’t. As you lose weight and achieve goals, you need to celebrate these achievements and share your successes with people who understand what you have accomplished.

Rededication & Motivation

The first few years following weight loss surgery can be incredible, but it’s also a lot of hard work for the rest of your life. Patients do sometimes slip back into old habits, regain a few pounds, and become discouraged. When and if that happens, support groups become an even more important connection to help stay focused, in control, and successful. A monthly weigh-in or check-in at a support group meeting provides an important element of accountability and an opportunity to reconnect and rededicate yourself to long-term goals.

Finding a Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

When you are a patient of Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery, you will benefit from our knowledge and recommendations for support groups in the Birmingham, Alabama, area. We can point you in the right direction, and get you signed up. 

In addition to these groups, patients often like to participate in online forums or apps. Online support forums offer a place for members to share stories, discuss diet and exercise plans, and more. Some examples include Bariatric Pal, Obesity Help, and MyFitnessPal. While these options can be helpful, we advise that you remember that most of the people on these forums aren’t medical professionals. Always check with us before starting a new diet plan or exercise program.

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