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Laproscopic Gastric Bypass :$18,500
Gastric sleeve :$11,500
LAP-BANDģ :$9,999
Remove Gastric Band and convert to Gastric sleeve :$17, 000
Remove Gastric Band and convert to Gastric Bypass :$20, 000


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Home content Before and AfterHave you tried dieting and exercising and still canít lose the weight? Here at BMI surgery, our surgeons and staff understand that sometimes losing weight needs to be more personalized. Our surgeons work with you to personalize your goals with seminars and dietary appointments to help you learn more about your weight loss options. Dr. Long and Dr. Taggar will spend one-on-one time with you to help you decide which of our multiple weight loss surgery options are best for you and your needs. Our multidisciplinary team and monthly support group meetings will help guide you before and after your procedure to make sure you achieve your weight loss goal to a better life and better health.

When selecting a bariatric surgeon, you want to make sure that you choose wisely. You need a surgeon that has years of experience and was trained in a program focused on weight loss surgery. Our surgeons at BMI Surgery have had this specialized training in weight loss surgery and understand the many aspects of bariatric surgery that are important to have a successful journey to the NEW YOU!

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