Woman in gray sweatpants illustrating how much weight she lost on a pink background.If you’ve been considering weight loss surgery but haven’t made the leap to invest in yourself with a weight loss method that REALLY works, Sleevetember may be your long-awaited solution! This September, BMI Surgery offers bariatric surgery at a discounted rate so you can finally achieve your weight loss goals.

In just three days, you can achieve jaw-dropping results with the help of our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Long, and his exceptional team. Learn everything you need to know about this promotion, including the who, what, when, where, and how you can take advantage of this offer.

How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

Typically, weight loss surgery can cost upwards of $15,000, but with our September special, you can undergo a complete transformation at a discounted price—$7,999! This cost covers the facility, surgeon, and anesthesiologist fees, plus the first postoperative visit 10 to 14 days after surgery. It’s important to note that subsequent follow-up visits aren’t included in this discounted rate, costing $125 per visit. However, they are well worth it to maintain your results!

Lab work, EKGs, or chest X-rays aren’t included in this price, but fortunately, most patients don’t require these tests. We will let you know ahead of time (if possible) if you need extra testing. If you previously paid for the surgery and didn’t participate in Priority Pass (discussed below), we unfortunately cannot reimburse the difference.

Priority Pass This September

Located in Birmingham, AL, BMI Surgery offers Priority Pass, an accelerated weight loss surgery process. You can undergo preoperative testing and surgery in just two days, returning home on day three. If you live more than two hours away, you may want to recover locally for a day before traveling, but luckily, many hotels offer a discount for our patients.

Who: Body Mass Index Below 60

If your body mass index (BMI) is below 60, you may qualify for this promotion! While we can’t guarantee everyone will be a candidate for this procedure, you will most likely be a suitable candidate if you’re in good health with no previous weight loss surgeries. We require medical clearance from your primary care doctor for surgery and cardiology clearance if you have a history of cardiac issues. Similarly, if you have a history of lung disease, we’ll need approval from your pulmonologist. We’ll provide the forms…you just need to send them!

Please note that if we haven’t received clearance from your care team within seven days before surgery, your operation will be canceled, and the cancellation fee will be applied.

When: September

To get this exceptional pricing, your surgery must be performed in September 2023, a.k.a. Sleevetember. There’s limited availability, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of our team for more information.

You’ll need to begin a preoperative liquid diet, so consider this when selecting your surgery date. The duration of this diet depends on your BMI, and a staff member will cover this and other ways to prepare before your surgery.

Where: Outpatient Services East

All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at Outpatient Services East. We’ve been performing outpatient weight loss surgery in this outstanding facility for more than ten years.

This facility is also connected to St. Vincent’s East, a full-service hospital facility. If you’re anxious before your procedure, knowing you’re a stone’s throw away from the nearest hospital often offers peace of mind.

What: More Details

Preparation is key, especially when it comes to weight loss surgery. To begin, paperwork will be emailed to you as soon as your appointment is booked and will need to be completed within 24 hours of booking. If not, your appointment may be canceled. Additionally, if you’re taking any blood thinning medication, you’ll need to come off this medication as soon as possible. Be sure to consult with your primary care doctor before removing blood thinners from your daily routine.

It’s important to note that there’s a $500 cancellation fee if the procedure is canceled or rescheduled within ten days of surgery. However, in the rare case that the anesthesiologist reviews your history and decides you aren’t a candidate for surgery at the Outpatient center, you can cancel the procedure without a penalty or schedule the procedure for same-day in the hospital (at a higher cost than the Sleevetember price).

Invest in Yourself (At a Discounted Rate) with BMI Surgery

There’s no better time than the present to change your life for the better. With weight loss surgery, you not only feel more confident but also improve any weight-related health conditions like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, and more.

Your new life is calling! Are you going to answer?

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