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Top 4 Exercises To Do After Weight Loss Surgery

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Exercises To Do After Weight Loss Surgery

Preparation is key. You may have heard of this adage before, and while it doesn’t hurt to be spontaneous once in a while, preparation is crucial for the success of your weight loss surgery. This July, our experts at BMI Surgery discuss one facet of your weight loss journey—exercise.

Bariatric surgery helps you lose weight, but to maintain your new and improved physique, you must exercise too. However, we understand that for many of our patients, the idea of an exercise routine feels daunting. Don’t fret! If you have no idea where to begin with exercise, you’re in luck. We’re explaining everything you need to know about activity after weight loss surgery so you can feel confident as you plan and prepare for life after your operation.

Why Is Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery Important?

We’re so glad you asked! Exercising after weight loss surgery has numerous benefits, but first and foremost, it helps you reach your weight loss goals. Without exercise (and a healthy diet), you may not be able to maintain your newfound weight loss properly.

Additionally, exercise improves circulation, increases your metabolic rate, reduces stress, and strengthens your heart, bones, and muscle strength. And if you’re suffering from any weight-related conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, exercise may help you manage these illnesses. For more information about the importance of exercising after weight loss surgery, check out this blog.

When Should I Start Exercising After Bariatric Surgery?

Once you feel up to it, we recommend taking brisk walks when you return home. You can begin low-impact workouts one week after surgery, making sure to avoid lifting anything over 10 pounds for about four weeks. Usually, patients can exercise without restrictions after four weeks.

Even if you feel like the newest America’s Next Top Model, it’s essential not to overdo it. After surgery, your body is adjusting to your new calorie intake and exercise routine, and the last thing you want is to slow down recovery. We recommend always following your surgeon’s instructions and waiting until you’re cleared to begin exercising.

What Exercises Should I Do After Weight Loss Surgery?

Now that we’ve covered the importance of exercise post-operation, let’s look at our recommended exercises after weight loss surgery. We advise avoiding high-intensity workouts, like running and cycling, for at least four weeks after surgery. Remember, slow and steady wins the race in the weight loss game.


Walking is perhaps the easiest, most convenient exercise after bariatric surgery. Do it early in the morning once you’ve woken up, in the evening after dinner, or midday if your schedule allows. You can walk a few laps around your house or the block and then build up to longer, more challenging walks, like incorporating walking up and down hills. Even if it’s just five minutes, you can slowly build up your endurance and strengthen your muscles and joints with regular walking.


If walking isn’t your thing, swimming is a great alternative. It doesn’t put as much strain on your knees and maybe more entertaining for some. You can tread water, swim slowly, and walk in the pool. And, if your pool offers any classes like water aerobics or other exercise classes, those can be a fun, engaging way to get in your daily dose of exercise.

Resistance Band

Resistance band workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can gently stretch and practice different exercises, like lunges or squats, with the added resistance of the band to add a bit of a challenge. Resistance bands increase your flexibility and circulation, especially if you’ve been stationary most of the day while recovering. This form of exercise is perfect for those who feel ready to lift weights but don’t want the added pressures of exercising in the gym.

Weight Training

We recommend adding weight training to your routine as you improve your strength and stamina. Weight training can be as simple as light dumbbell exercises like bicep curls, wall sits, and tricep extensions. With weight training (and all these exercises), you can customize the movements to your needs. For example, you can sit while lifting light weights if you find it challenging.

When in doubt, if it doesn’t feel right, stop. You can rest up and try again in a few days. If you’re worried about your form, we recommend watching tutorials online or seeking the advice of a personal trainer to ensure you’re engaging the proper muscles while exercising.

Feel Your Best After Weight Loss Surgery & Beyond

At BMI Surgery, we’re here for you every step of the way. From the moment you walk through our doors to follow-up appointments after surgery, our team of experts is here for you. If you’re preparing for weight loss surgery and want to learn more about what exercise is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can create a customized plan tailored to your needs. Whether it’s walking, swimming, or weight lifting, we strive to empower all our patients to exercise safely.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, BMI Surgery now offers a quick, affordable option called Priority Pass. In as little as three days, you can undergo post-operative consultation and surgery. For more information, contact us at (205) 833-6907 or online.

Fast Weight Loss Surgery: 6 Benefits of BMI’s Priority Pass

A girl in a gray top and bigger blue jeans illustrating weight loss.

Weight loss can be challenging, especially if you’re experiencing other weight-related conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Between fad diets, weight loss gimmicks, and a whole lot of frustration, weight loss can feel like your version of mission impossible. 

If you’ve finally had enough of these unsuccessful weight loss methods and are ready to feel your best, BMI Priority Pass may be your long-awaited solution. What’s more, you can complete your initial consultation, preoperative testing, and surgery in just two days! 

Losing weight has never been easier—or faster—than with BMI Priority Pass. Learn everything you need to know about BMI’s solution for weight loss and how to slim down just in time for summer. 

How Can I Lose Weight Fast with BMI Priority Pass?

The BMI Priority Pass is a quick, efficient way to lose weight. In just two days, you can undergo your consultation and surgery. In your consultation on day one, you’ll discuss your body mass index, weight loss goals, medical history, current medications, and any previous surgeries. From this information, Birmingham’s premier weight loss surgeon, Dr. Long, will determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the Priority Pass. 

On day two, you’ll undergo your weight loss surgery. All Priority Pass weight loss surgeries are performed at Outpatient Services East (OSE) or St. Vincent’s East. Right after surgery, our team will be with you to monitor your vitals, check in on your progress, and answer any questions you may have. 

On day three, you can return home. With BMI Priority Pass, weight loss is made simple!

What Are the Benefits of BMI Priority Pass?

Start to Finish in Two Days

We can complete your initial consultation, preoperative testing if necessary, and weight loss surgery in just two days. However, just because our process is fast doesn’t mean we aren’t detail-oriented. Our comprehensive preoperative assessment is designed to evaluate your potential risk so your surgery offers the best possible outcome. Dr. Long analyzes and assesses your results personally, and he and his team will be with you every step of the way. 

No Previous Weight Loss Needed

With BMI Priority Pass, you don’t have to lose weight before surgery! Many insurance companies require a preoperative diet for 3-12 months before undergoing bariatric surgery. Luckily, our in-depth screening process ensures you’re an ideal candidate without having to complete an insurance-mandated diet program. You can say goodbye to pre-operative 6-month diets and hello to a two-day transformation if you qualify!

Hassle-Free Outpatient Procedure

BMI Priority Pass surgeries are performed at Outpatient Services East (OSE) or St. Vincent’s East by Dr. Long. With our outpatient procedures, you can expect less hospital time, less invasive procedures, and a lower cost. 

Since you won’t be spending much time in the hospital, we recommend booking a hotel room to stay in before and after your operation if you’re from out of town. Many hotels in the Birmingham and Trussville areas offer a discounted rate for those undergoing outpatient surgery with Dr. Long. For more information about hotel discounts, check out this page

Alabama’s Premier Bariatric Surgeon 

Dr. Long is an experienced, knowledgeable weight loss surgeon. He’s completed over 2,751 weight loss surgeries. Dr. Long is a LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE™ certified, board-certified, and fellowship-trained U.S. bariatric surgeon, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. From your initial consultation to follow-up care, Dr. Long is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Minimal Requirements

It’s easy to qualify for Priority Pass! We ask you to receive medical clearance from your primary care doctor, which you must obtain before your initial consultation with Dr. Long. Beyond this form, our Priority Pass has a few physical requirements. This procedure is ideal for those with a BMI of 30 or more without previous weight loss surgeries. If you have more questions about your candidacy for Priority Pass, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (205) 833-6907.

Affordable Price

BMI Surgery is proud to offer one of the lowest rates for weight loss surgery at $8,999! This price includes the facility fee, anesthesiologist fee, and surgeon fee. If you aren’t a candidate for surgery at OSE, your total price may be $9,999 at St. Vincent’s East. 

You can expect a few other expenses not included in this package, including the cost of your initial consultation ($195), preoperative nutrition/prep class ($80), post-operative nutrition follow-up (included), and post-operative visits after 90 days ($125 at 6 months post-op and yearly). These visits are designed to keep you safe, healthy, and on track to meet your goals. 

Feel Your Best for Decades to Come

Priority Pass is safe, affordable, and offers real, long-lasting results! With this outpatient procedure, you can lose weight for good. No previous dieting, long hospital stays, or expensive fees are required. Become the best version of yourself just in time for summer with the team at BMI Surgery!

Interested in BMI Priority Pass? Call Us Today!

You can start losing weight for good in just two days with BMI Surgery. Proudly serving Birmingham, AL & surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to not only your weight loss but also your overall health and well-being. Call us at (205) 833-6907 or contact us online to learn more!

Weight Loss Surgery Prep: Our Top 5 Tips & Tricks

A notebook written with text preparation is the key.

Congratulations! Your weight loss surgery is scheduled, and you’re anxiously anticipating the day you begin losing weight. As you research and attend appointments, there can seem like an endless list of things to do before the highly-awaited day of surgery. 

Luckily, the team at BMI Surgery has compiled our top five tips to make life after bariatric surgery hassle-free. We’ll discuss preparing your home and pantry, the importance of making your mental health a priority, and more. With these tips, you’ll feel calm, cool, and collected when the time comes for your surgery!

Prepare Your Home

Your home is your happy place. And while you recover from bariatric surgery, it’ll be more important than ever for your home to be your sanctuary. We recommend stocking your home with plenty of plush, comfortable blankets and pillows so you can truly relax and recuperate during recovery. 

If you can, deep clean your home before surgery so when you return home, it’ll be sparkling. Mopping the floors, wiping the counters, and organizing your pantry can make life after bariatric surgery much more manageable and avoid any stress from an unkept home.  

Follow Your Exercise Plan

Before your weight loss surgery, we often recommend beginning and maintaining an exercise plan to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce the risk of complications, and establish healthy routines. At BMI Surgery, we advise 30-45 minutes of exercise per day, like using a treadmill, biking, swimming, or resistance training.

If 30-45 minutes sounds like a lot, don’t worry. You can work up to this time as you prepare for your weight loss surgery. And you’ll have the opportunity to let your hard work shine afterward. Once you get the green light from your surgeon, you’ll begin light exercise, like walking, as soon as a few days after your operation. 

Plan Your Meals

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but when it comes to weight loss surgery, preparation is key. Another preparation tip is planning your meals, but only to a certain extent. If you’ve been researching bariatric surgery, you may have heard that your taste buds change afterward. This does happen. Some people experience no difference, and others find that they can hardly stand the foods they used to love after bariatric surgery. 

So, to avoid a pantry full of food you hate, we recommend getting enough liquids, broths, puddings, and other liquids just for the first two weeks after surgery. For more information about your diet after weight loss surgery, check out this informative post

Invest in Your Mental Health

As you prepare to make a physical change, we recommend making mental changes too. If you’re undergoing bariatric surgery, you may have a complicated relationship with food. And while weight loss surgery can help you lose weight, it’s important to invest in your mental health to enhance the positive physical changes. 

Whether it’s joining a support group, medication, therapy, journaling, or another form of self-love, finding what works for you before your procedure can help make the transition of life after weight loss much easier. At BMI Surgery, we sponsor a support group that meets monthly, so you have a place to share your experiences and gain valuable insights from those on a similar journey. 

Take Progress Photos

If you look in the mirror daily, it can be hard to discern any progress you’ve made. If you don’t see improvement during the challenging parts of your journey, you can quickly begin to feel frustrated and unmotivated. That’s why we recommend taking progress photos. Before your surgery, our team will take some pictures, but we recommend taking your own too. 

Consider taking before and after photos in your favorite outfit or something you’ve wanted to wear but haven’t felt confident enough in just yet. That way, on the good and bad days, you can tangibly see just how far you’ve come!

Unlock Your True Potential with Weight Loss Surgery

With your surgeon’s pre- and post-operative recommendations and these tips, you’ll be sailing through weight loss recovery. While the list of things to do before bariatric surgery may seem like a lot, you’re not on the journey alone! The team at BMI Surgery is with you every step of the way. 

From your initial consultation to annual follow-up appointments, you’re never far from expert advice and knowledgeable recommendations. For more information about weight loss surgery preparation.

Interested in Weight Loss Surgery? Call BMI Surgery Today!

Proudly serving Birmingham, AL & beyond, Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery is your ultimate destination for weight loss. Dr. Long performs numerous minimally invasive procedures, including gastric sleeve priority pass, LAP-band, and more. Call us at (205) 833-6907 or contact us online to schedule your consultation!

Sculpt for Summer: CoolSculpting 101

Brunette woman running on the beach in a navy bikini with a yellow sarong.

In theory, fat loss seems easy. Just work out, eat clean, and avoid sugary foods, right? Not exactly. If you’ve been spending long hours in the gym, meal-prepping every last bite to eat, and fighting the urge to eat the pint of ice cream buried in your freezer, only to hit a weight-loss plateau—-it can be frustrating. If any of the above methods seem familiar, we’d guess you know exactly how hard it can be to lose those last few pesky pounds of fat.  

Luckily, with CoolSculpting® at Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery (BMI), you can finally shed your exercise- & diet-resistant fat. While CoolSculpting isn’t a solution for weight loss, it can reduce up to 25% of fat in the targeted area! Learn everything you need to know about CoolSculpting, and how you can tone up just in time for summer.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, also called cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction that assists in a more toned, sculpted, and confident body in just a few sessions. FDA-cleared for numerous areas on the body, CoolSculpting can help you lose fat on your love handles, inner thighs, back, arms, abdomen, chin, and more. 

A popular alternative to liposuction, cryolipolysis can deliver outstanding results without invasive techniques. Before your CoolSculpting treatment, your provider will develop a treatment plan based on your weight, medical history, and desired results so that you can get the most out of this innovative, powerful treatment. 

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells at sub-40-degree temperatures. After CoolSculpting works its magic, the body naturally disposes of the frozen fat cells through the lymphatic system. For best results, most CoolSculpting sessions are anywhere from 35 minutes to three hours, depending on the treatment area and your desired results. 

Our team may also recommend multiple CoolSculpting sessions for certain areas of resistant, hard-to-treat areas of fat. Typically, most patients need two to three sessions to achieve a toned, sculpted physique. However, everybody is different, so you may need more or fewer sessions to achieve your optimal results.

What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?

There are numerous benefits of CoolSculpting in Birmingham, AL! Some premier benefits of this FDA-approved fat-blasting treatment include: 

  • Minimal to a little downtime
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Slimmer appearance
  • Confidence-boosting
  • No scarring

At BMI Surgery, you can sit, back, and relax during your treatment. Many patients work on their laptops, watch a movie, or take a nap while shedding unwanted fat. It’s truly as simple as sitting back and relaxing—and our professionals will guide you through it every step of the way.

How Long Does CoolSculpting Last?

Since the fat is frozen and disposed of naturally, CoolSculpting is permanent! It’s important to note that CoolSculpting doesn’t prevent fat from reappearing in the targeted area, so we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle to maintain results.

Most people at BMI Surgery achieve fat loss from CoolSculpting that lasts upwards of 10 years! If you have more questions about keeping your fat off for good, don’t hesitate to ask our team questions. 

Get Bikini Season Ready with CoolSculpting

Say goodbye to hours of cardio, never-ending ab crunches, and ice chips as your go-to snack. Instead, say hello to long-lasting results weight loss results with CoolSculpting! This treatment can help you ditch drastic efforts for sculpted definition while removing those stubborn pockets of fat. 

Whether you want to tone up for the summer, wow the crowd at an upcoming summer event, or just feel more confident when looking in the mirror, CoolSculpting, and the BMI team are here to help you. We’d be honored to be a part of your journey toward a confident, more fulfilled you!

Interested in CoolSculpting? Contact Us Today!

Proudly serving Houston, TX, BMI Surgery is the premier choice for CoolSculpting. You can freeze unwanted fat in as little as an hour and feel more confident. Call us at (205) 833-6907 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for CoolSculpting!